Baby Headphones

baby-with-headphonesNowadays, there are quite a lot of sound reduction headsets of good quality easily available for grown-ups. But when it comes to baby headphones the choices are very limited. Very recently, baby headphones with Super Sound Noise Reduction have been launched in the market.

These headphones are exclusively created to keep children away from sound disruption, produced by the surrounding world at the same time also permitting them to listen to soothing music. These personal-sounding headphones for babies combine first-rate earphone drivers together with the sophisticated technology of expert quality sound reduction. These drivers generally deal with almost 1,000mw of power. These newest baby headphones help your kids to remain quiet, prevent them from getting disturbed by unwanted noise, produced by the external surrounding and also enable them to hear soothing music.

Baby Headphones

At present, the majority of the baby headphones make use of a technology known as ANC or Active Noise Cancellation. The maximum Noise Reduction Rate for the majority headphones is about 15decibels. However, in case of Super Sound Noise Reduction children headsets the maximum Noise Reduction Rate is 28db, which is two times the normal NRR. Even grown-ups can use children headphones, in order to enjoy their preferred band or talk show. As the headphone operates without batteries, it will enable you to save lots of money as well as time.

The most important features that you should look for when buying Baby Headphones are:

Adaptable headband, which will fit well with all head size
Four-way changeable headset cups

Durable and tough design
Outstanding speaker padding
Operates without batteries
The NRR should be of 28db, which is almost ten times more than the standard headphones.
Compatible with CD players, computer sound jacks, Walkmans, MP3 players, aircraft sound jacks, as well as with nearly all stereos
The power handling capacity should me about1,000 milli-watts
Frequency response should be between 16 Hz and 2,000 Hz

Save up to 50% for selected baby headphones!